Kholba Community Network is a social network serving local “diaspora” communities that share cultural and social interests arising from their common national originS. Like other social networks, members will have their own free accounts where they can upload photos, share “likes,” and play games. It is the best place to meet people, express yourself and expand your life in any community.
The world is just a global village with communities. Your community is full of people you might need to know; yet, Kholba Community Network allows you to meet people by starting conversations. Ask question that matter to you and get back answers to find out what people really think. The deep, shared interest of communities with a common national origin is an obvious fit for Kholba.
We understand the importance of privacy and integrity, hence communication within matches can be anonymous. Join us today and see why we are worth joining and different from the rest. Kholba is fast, easy and free to sign up.

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